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Rice Cutted Core picked C 4

Rice mahmodabad Peel Bran Cutted Core picked C Size 1 4 for 8 for 8 Durable for 16 Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) Wholesale/Retail Packing as 10 Supply availability in Minimum Order Quantity 50 KG Delivery 6 days after order confirmation

ghezelozanzanjan Rice zanjanrood Core picked C Size 3

ghezelozanzanjan 5 Rice zanjanrood Seed Core picked C Size 3 7 for 8 Durable for 28 Produced in 1395 Average size larger than Concentrated mm Net weight 9.5 grams Total weight minerals grams Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) Wholesale/Retail Packing as 10 Total weight 50 KG Container Packing as 4 Supply availability in Cerebral Minimum Order Quantity 2000 KG Delivery 4 days after order confirmation

hashemi Rice Core picked C 1 Produced in 1394

hashemi Rice eshka Seed Core picked C Size 3 1 for 5 for 8 Produced in 1394 5

hashemi Rice Core picked C

hashemi Rice lahijan Core picked C Size 3 1 for 8
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